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Diamond Edwards


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Promoted to the pre-season first team squad.... probably worthy of his own thread....(?)..... the next big thing for us.... or another one to possibly follow Dibbling out of the door....? His current contract expires end of June next year....




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He was out for a long time with an injury but made a good run in the U18s and I think got some games for the B team too. Decent close control and scored a couple of goals last season. I think he would probably be playing either as an 8 in CM or as one of the 10s

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5 minutes ago, Give it to Ron said:

From memory was he the one who had bulked up a bit compared to his signing video?

He has got a bit more muscle on him compared to players like Doyle and Ballard but he is slightly older and also, quite often when players are out injured for a long time and can only do gym work they come back with a bit more bulk. Exceptions I can think of the top of my head Smallbone and Hesketh but generally.

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7 hours ago, Toussaint said:

He's always been a shining example, he's really hard, not a carbon copy of any of our other players, many facets to his game. I hope he can cut it at this level.  looks like a real jewel.

You forgot to mention that he's a diamond in the rough.

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