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So how is going to get the hallowed Number 7 Shirt?


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Presumably there is a set date by which we have to submit our squad numbers to The EPL.


Will they keep the #7 shirt for a Marquee arrival or give it to an existing player.?


Doh .... "How" is not a new Korean player we are buying ;-) .... dyslexic moment. Admin could you do the needful to stop me looking like a plonker!!

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Dont think anyone is worthy and can't see us signing anyone ready to just step in to it. I'd keep it free if thats the case until someone earns it.


Not like we haven't tossed it about to a few useless players before however. (Hajito and Kanchelskis from the post Le Tiss era come to mind.)

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Rodney.....You plonker!!


No, not good enough....Eric, you have confirmed what I always thought. You are a total plonker with fat typing fingers, and an even fatter (for what passes as a) brain. ;)


ur gonna look pretty dumb if we do sign So How and cowman gives her #7 shirt

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