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Paul gilmour tells me no more signings expected.


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No more signings expected in, but sharp and Hammond possibly to leave.

Paul is the sky reporter down here today.


I'll say it again, the best transfer window of my lifetime.


Obviously Billy gone, but I trust what the club are doing.


Roll on the season, THE SAINTS ARE BACK... With a BANG!

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We still need a left back, a winger and another centre back

No sweat, there's nearly 2 hours left


Seriously though, I know there are reasons why, and if I knew what they were I'm sure I would agree with them, but I'd feel a whole lot better if Büttner was wearing our red shirt rather than theirs.

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Paul Gilmour ‏@Paul_Gilmour

Heading back to London now. Think that's it for #saintsfc but what a signing Ramirez is! Great to spend the day at such a friendly club


Does he not realise we announce most of our deals after 11pm!

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Why change keepers - then you'd change the shape of our whole defence. Kelvin hasn't done badly - the Man City goals he could not do too much about, and against Wigan both were great finishes.


Besides he's proven in the last two seasons he is a very good shot-stopper and will save our butts ALOT this season. We should have faith in our team. Now we have ADDED pace and some extra steel at the back we should be in with a great chance of staying up.

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