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Sunderland v Saints Match Thread


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Well played getting in before glasgow, i tip my hat sir! :lol:


We should win this given sunderlands team....


However, everyone is expecting us to walk it (bar warnock who doesnt like us lol)


I am therefore very nervous..., Poyet is a hard manager and a good motivator with a record vs saints... I therefore expect his weakest team to do something, especially given our starting 11 being below par. We underestimated sunderland with that team, we may regret it!


That said, come on saints.


And great effort by our fans to get themselves up there for this! Great effort!! :)

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I didn't say that, its 50/50 but why risk it, why not put your strongest side out and then you can say to the fans you have given it your best shot, we are safe in the League, we ****ed up the last Cup game against the same side, you would have thought we would have learnt.


lets see shall we. jesus

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