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Liverpool Ticket Details Now Available


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I expect Reed will sell our allocation to Liverpool? #jokes




I would've thought all those slagging Lallana and Lovren will be clamouring for tickets, they'll be flying off the shelf otherwise some fans are gonna be showing the same lack of commitment as the 'mercenaries'. Surely.

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Last time I went to Liverpool it was to see Saints beat Everton. I certainly won't be going to this game to watch the reserves get a good hiding.


My lad's going (I'm working) 'cos he supports the Saints - obviously you're only there for the good times.

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all prices for matches are ott nowadays,we should all be used to it by now.

me and a few others will be making the crap journey up and back but wouldn't miss it for anything

give the mercenaries a mouth full and support the ladswho are left and the new additions,cant wait.

born a saint,live a saint,die a saint.


oh when the saints go marching in


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I'm only going because I want to add Morecambe's ground to my list and they're playing Newport the day before and I may as well watch Saints if I'm up there. Actually if I could drag it out til Tuesday I could go to Mansfield v Newport too. :/

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