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Weekends other games 24th/25th September


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Son is absolute class - can't believe they nearly sold him.


In defector news: Gaston has been anonymous (through no fault of his own, the ball has barely made it into the Spurs half, I don't think Boro have had a shot yet), Wanyama still can't pass, and Chambers looks poor so far - always preferred him as a right back than centre back.


0-2, half time.

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Nearly half their team are ex-Saints players. Is Les Reed going to claim the credit if they win the Premier League? He tried to when Leicester won it, claiming they'd merely copied Saints.


:lol: as it stands you have Spurs, Liverpool and Everton occupying 2nd to 4th spots in the table so he has a few options available when he looks to take credit for other clubs success

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Rules for one, different rules for others.


Long taken out against Sunderland - gets booked for simulation


Sturridge barely gets a tap and tumbles over in front of The Kop - penalty of course!!


In both situations the player was obviously looking for a penalty, invites the the challenge and go down easily yet two contrasting outcomes!!

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I see Sunderland are sticking to their normal routine of being utterly dreadful, losing every game and somehow picking up their only point at St Mary's.


No doubt they will appoint a new manager, win 4 games in April and somehow stay up on the last day.


Was thinking exactly the same. I see Sunderland fans are already calling for Moyes out. Are they really that dim? There isn't a manager in the world who could make a decent team out of that rabble, the players they have are incredibly poor and their transfer policy is diabolical.


I also see Arsenal are doing the same. Playing well when under little pressure, pundits and fans alike falling for it, but they'll typically fall away come February as per every.single.flaming year once the actual pressure starts.

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