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Blackpool predictions.


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Right,this is just the sort of game you want when your on a winning run and playing well but this is just the sort of game that Saints generally screw up,but having had the pleasure of seeing both our home games so far i confidently predict another 3 points.


Saints 2 Blackpool 0

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Saints will not screw it up - I just get the feeling we're laying to rest all the cliches that Southampton fans have to put up with season after season.


In fact I get the feeling we'll be very good indeed. 3-0. It's just a shame I can only watch the first half before I have to go to work. :-(

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Saints to win 3-1 IMO.


Having looked on the Blackpool forum and read their local paper online, it would seem they're predicting a relatively easy win for them! Somehow I think they may be in for a bit of surprise. ;)


I find that astonishing - even if they reckon we're in the sh*t, I can't see how they can think they're in much better shape. Ah well, whatever floats their boat, eh...


I'll go for a Saints win - if Blackpool come out and play we'll win comfortably, if they come for the draw or sneaky win we'll still win but it'll be tighter. So, 3-0 or maybe 3-1 in the former case, 1-0 in the latter. I'd love to see us keep a third consecutive clean sheet - one recollection I have of the side which finished second in the league all those years ago was that the defence was very tight indeed and we kept a shed load (by our usual standards!) of clean sheets.

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Really looking forward to going to SMS again , which is a strange think for a long term season ticket holder to say when you think about it . If we play like we did 1st half against Brum City two weeks ago we may well be too strong for Blackpool - providing we take our chances that is .


I too can't wait to be back at SMS, unfortunately contractual commitments will

keep me in a desertique wilderness until mid september,after that I'll be there.

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