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First post !

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Guest brisaint

A fiver. Is that all? More than happy to pay, and more at that if asked.


Thanks for all your efforts, guys.


Great to have TSF...oooops, I mean SWF back!!

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I guess it's not bad value, but if the bird finds out that I'm paying for innernet web chat I think she might be unimpressed.


Same here, but the way i figure it she pays for her hobbies i.e getting the hair done etc.. so fair is fair :)


Great job guys running the site, at work i see the guy who does that website and i can tell by his bad attitude majority of the time it is not an easy job. £5 is nothing at all to pay for the time we spend here.


Keep up the good work!


Does this mean we can upload our own avatars now then?

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You get what you pay for!



Hoe many other football forums charge a membership to post threads rather than offer donations?


LOL at the threads being lost?

Baj its very easy to get the post fields back in order from the backup database,are you not a Web Developer Freelancer? offering page one google?


I would like to offer you the job of getting me first page google for the keywords "Mesothelioma" and "Microsoft".:rolleyes:

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Hmmm, while I wont be too put of by the £5 im sure not a lot of people would feel the same. Especially people who are not saints fans and while a lot of people believe having other fans on here is a bad thing. Some are very valid posters who contribute a lot. And genuinely funny people too.


Will be interesting.

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