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Koeman on MNF tonight

Saint Charlie

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Thats enough of our secrets told Ron !


My recording crapped out, but from what I saw, all he said was "we play 3 at the back when we think the opposition will play 2 up front". He also managed to subtly annoy Carragher right at the start by saying Carragher would be the left sided centre back in their pairing, which implied he had no idea where Carragher actually played. :)

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Interesting that they point out the space in the middle of the pitch when Newcastle played Leicester in the first game. I remember thinking the same thing happened in our match at St James' Park, and that was on the opening day!


Our tactics that day were bizarre. I can only assume that Ronald realised we couldn't defend with no-one alongside Fonte, no Bertrand and no Schneiderlin, and decided to try and outscore them. Targett didn't have a good game and nor did Martina, and we also failed to score enough.

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