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125yr Crest, see it here....


Do you like the new 125 year crest  

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I like that quite a bit actually. Subtle changes rather than a complete alteration and as someone else has said, I'm sure it will look great on the new kits!


It looks like this is the first step in a series of exciting announcements from the club. Let's hope that trend continues through the next week and there's nothing to detract from the feel good factor.

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A slight improvement but it still looks like it's been designed by a committee.


Or a coalition of those who wanted a change for a season and those who did not.


Personally I was hoping for something to replicate the crest on the original kit,as proposed on a thread some time ago.

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the key part of that article is (other than the badge) that the kit launch is imminent.


No it doesn't, just details of when it'll be launched.


"We will soon be announcing further details of how the Club will be celebrating this special occasion throughout the forthcoming season, as well as launch details of the new kits."
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Ugly. Those look like they are in mourning. Too complicated and depressing. Fitting perhaps for our relegation season, but certainly not now.


The new 125 badge is a million times better; it's positive, forward looking and hits the right note. Very appropriate for our promotion season ahead!.

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The shading on it make it look like clip art, although the gold helps it look a bit more distinguished than usual. The red nose isn't great, but the football that is normally there doesn't look good either.


I hate to say this, but I've never really liked our crest. It always seemed poorly designed and old fashioned. We need a new one.

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on 1st look...not like. now i have looked a few times, its a grower


I suspect it's one of those situations where a designer comes up with a range of ideas. And puts in one that he doesn't really like which looks a bit toss. And then the client just goes crazy for it. Either that or it was designed by the bloke who sculpted the first Ted Bates statue.


In short i think it looks sh:te.

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