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Christian purslow or someone else?


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You had some in common then ?


Give me strength about 'a football man' for God's sake wake up! It's not about a football man!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get Harry in or MLT - get a life this is a business person not a blinking 'football' guy we need!!!!!!!! Oh the ridiculous romantic notion that 'football people are the answer!!! Was NC a football person? NO HE WASN'T........

Don't think that running a football business needs 'football skills' it actually doesn't.................. The coach does the football stuff not the MD!!!



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name from the past = Andy Oldknow , who was involved when ML & NC first arrived.


This is not a wish, but a name thrown in to the mix.


A name 'into the mix' great criteria for a new MD........ Oh lets have some more familiar names then ....!!!! Alan Sugar, Rupert Low, Brian Conley,Kevin Keegan, Dave Merrington - get a life - this is a serious business requiring top business people not just 'names' we know.......

Be real - The guy who gets this job you will not know or have heard of that is one thing I do know for certain...........

God, next thing you will be calling for a football supporters consortium - God forbid!!! Like that that lot down the road!!!!

Where do people live and come from these days???????

Think bankers, think big business and you might just start realise the type of person we will employ.... It will not be Harry Redknapp in disguise .......... For the chairmans job!!! ?????

Names 'into the mix' do you want another 500??? .......Ridiculous .........

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