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Song For Mayuka


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He passports says he's 21 Mayuka, Mayuka

He fast,he's quick, he can really run, Mayuka, Mayuka

He can play in the middle he can play on the flank

His brother asked you for details of your bank

Emanuelle Mayuka saints lighting quick machine

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My first effort wasn't great but I think I may have something here.

To the tune of the Addams Family...


He’s quick as any sprinter,

At the cup he was a winner,

He’ll make defenders shiver

Emmanuel Ma yu ka.


His goals are all insane,

He backflips every game,

We all like saying his name,

Emmanuel Ma yu ka

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Looks like he might be playing today against United. I'm of the impression that any noise/chant is better than nothing. Billy's song wasn't the greatest but he seemed to recognise it and enjoy it judging by his comments. I don't think the overtly negative views by some when discussing chants is constructive whatsoever. Those that may not be the most confident in making noise at the football will more than likely be less so reading all the negative feedback on here. After all the best result is to have as much positive noise towards the team as possible, it doesn't always need to be an orginal, hardcore supporters chant. Something catchy and relatively simple is perfect, from what I could tell when I was over there last season the Lambert song lifted not just the supporters but the players as well. In summary the more the merrier and fu#k the eternal cynics.


Will be watching this match in a Melbourne pub at 1am with other mad saints so make a mountain of noise for 90 minutes and let's roll these cun*s. COYR!!

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