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New caterers at St Mary's


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World class catering? All we need now a Radio Station...


The problem was never the aspiration of world class catering or the radio station itself, both were good ideas. I liked the radio station.


The problem was that a certain Chairman tried to use them as examples of how the club had moved forward at a time when he had made a complete mess of the football side of things.


I'm happy to hear about these improvements and things when we are doing well, but when things are in a mess on the pitch I don't give a sh*t how good the food is.

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Hope the beer improves.


"Best in class" means no lager at all, proper beer (ale) only.


Yawn yawn here come the ale snobs. :p


Chatted to the lad serving 'beer' at the forum match last night and he confirmed that the club are considering which local ales for our consumption. Get in.

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