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3rd round CC


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Don't mind so long as it is at SMS - Derby anybody...???


Been there....done that. I think we can put that little rivalry to rest now.


I'd love to think that we could beat Pompey, but deep down I don't think we're ready for them just yet. I wouldn't mind any other Premiership team though.......Spurs would be nice IMO.

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I'd take pompey at SMS now. We're in opposite directions right now, and it might be what we need to raise attendances.


Having said that, I suppose any Prem club at SMS that hasn't had the best of starts would find it tough.


Also, I must say with us playing like this,it's really hard not to get ahead of myself!! ;-)

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I'm always mystified as to why anyone would want anyone other than a **** easy team at home.


Surely going as far as we can in the competition makes the most sense?


It may do. But winning the competition is unlikely. And I want to see this team tested against a big gun A.S.A.P.

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Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea at home.


Would make sense financially,but i don't want these kids to take a mauling,that could really be detremental to their confidence.


And i think confidence in themselves and in each other is crucial at this stage of their development and progress for this season.IMO.

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Usual request, anywhere away that we've not been to before.


One does wonder, seeing as Ben's mentioned it - if we did get the Skates at home, would we actually fill SMS? Interesting bearing in mind today's discussions about low attendances/ stay away fans...

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The only thing about a home draw with a decent Prem side (which excludes pompy, fulham and a few others) is that JP might need to play his strongest defence. It could be a risk for Killer to play a midweek game, but without him we might not do ourselves justice. Maybe JP would rest him on the Saturday, depending upon how things are going in the league and who we are playing.

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Man Utd at Old Trafford would earn us a fair few quid, but I'd like to see us progress past the next round before playing the big teams, so a home tie against lower league opposition please! (I know, I know, it's the cup and little teams can beat bigger teams etc etc, but the way we're performing this season fills me with confidence.)

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A struggling Premiership side at home, please.


As we used to find to our own cost, the last thing a struggling big name side want is to travel to play someone in form in a lower league. Win and everyone says "so what?" - lose and people are calling it a disaster.


Save the big guns for the next round.


P.S. Not knocking people who stay away from SMS out of principal but, with the quality of our football apparently improving beyond all recognition, shouldn't we be able to get good attendances regardless of who we're playing or what competition we're playing in?

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Almost anybody will do, but at St Marys. Because playing at St Marys brings in the cash for Saints. This isn't the FA Cup where the attendance money is shared 50/50. I'd prefer a team we are likely to beat because we will always get a tougher team to play in the latter stages. And anyway, we get more money by winning, by having another game to play. And I'd prefer us to get to the latter stages anyhow. Gives us plenty of practice to play Total Football experimentally without farting about with the league position. Which means I don't want ManU away or even at home. Why make things difficult..?

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I'm always mystified as to why anyone would want anyone other than a **** easy team at home.


Surely going as far as we can in the competition makes the most sense?


I fully agree. I wonder if all the people wishing for a trip to Old Trafford, The Emirates, etc, and saying 'we won't go far in the competition anyway' were saying the same things about the FA Cup in 2003?


Think about how we got to that final, and thus into Europe. Apart from Spuds (who were very poor that season anyway) every other team we played was from at least one division below us. Therefore we qualified for Europe by playing (and losing to) only one decent team in that competition.


Does the winner of the League Cup still qualify for Europe? Or did they scrap that a while ago?


Whoever we get in the next round it will be best for our finances, and for progressing to the next round, for it to be at home. The financial reason is the only reason that I would be even slightly happy if we get drawn against one of the big 4. Not only for the attendance that game might bring, but so that if the lads again show how well they can play maybe some of those who have stayed away (until that game) would start coming again.


Personally I am already getting very excited about the Norwich league game as it will be my first opportunity to see them at SMS.

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Teams currently in the hat for the 3rd round:



Manchester Utd







Manchester City

Stoke City

Newcastle United

Wigan Athletic






Cardiff City

Ipswich Town

Derby County


Swansea City




League 1:

Crewe Alexandra

Hartlepool United

Leeds United

Northampton Town


League 2:

Rotherham United


Playing tonight:


Huddersfield Town Vs Sheffield United

Nottingham Forest Vs Sunderland

West Ham United Vs Macclesfield Town

Blackburn Rovers Vs Grimsby Town

Fulham Vs Leicester City

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