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MKDons Vs Saints - Post Match Reaction


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At least yours count a bit more than mine, with me being an expat and all that :cool:


You wouldn't believe it. Apparently the BBC commentators tell lies, and the BBC Saints website puts out erroneous live match data. So we actually haven't a clue what's going on. ;)

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4 of our next 5 at home. Look at our home record since October. It wouldn't be suprising if we won all four of those games. It's still pretty much in our hands until we drop one more game. Again..highly unlikely, but think of the momentum we would roll into the playoffs with.

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LOL at Awford saying Kanu sent the ground into pandimonium ... yeah all 16513 including Hull fans :p


Ha Ha Ha ... classic quote ... fairytale stuff at Fratton Park .... and he wasn't talking about the accounts section or takeover talks ..... FFS PMSL


Shame for Dowie though.

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