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Cortese's next move?


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No. Prospective presidents of Barcelona and Real Madrid require their own wealth in order to stand for election, and I believe have to have been a socio (i.e. member) for a number of years.


Coupled with the fact that I could hardly see Nicola taking a step down now....!

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So panic on here & elsewhere misplaced?


All we knew was NC decided to suddenly leave in January.


And that KL has committed to carry on plans and support manager (hinting continuing spending).


Load of nonsense in papers & talksport.


KL tried to keep him.


I said I thought his departure maybe just personal / opportunity for him.


We all know champions league would take silly money but NC wanted it.


Maybe he was approached recently, offered silly salary plus silly budget and saw chance to drag a team up as he did with us but with more money?


Maybe nothing else here changed?


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While he did a very good job here, the biggest advantage was the academy and existing squad. We spent very well, but some excellent players were already there developing, Schneiderlin and Lallana were there. So it could be more difficult elsewhere, or just take longer.


Their academy hasn't been too shabby over the last ten years and they have one or two very decent youngsters again such as Lascelles and Paterson. Darlow is a good young keeper and Landsbury has finally started to fulfill the talent he promised at Arsenal. They just need to buy the right striker in the window.

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