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Players we nearly signed but you're glad we didn't


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For starters, Ammar Jemal. Tunisian centre half we nearly signed in our championship season. The deal feel through at the last minute and he flew home. Has only played 13 time since 2011/2012 season and is currently on loan at Al Fateh in Saudia Arabia where he has only played 3 times.


From 2001 Matt Piper. We were close to signing him from Leicester for around £3m but the player chose Sunderland instead. Shortly after joining he suffered a number of injuries and only played 24 times in 4 years. He was later diagnosed with a rare knee condition and retired In 2007 having only made a career total of 48 appearances in 7 years. Sad for the player but a lucky escape for saints.

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I´m waiting for MLG to come along and say that if we´ve signed these players those things wouldn´t have happened to them, like injuries etc...


chain of events or something... :)


haha, butterfly effect or chaos theory or some bs like that lol

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Paul Went in the 1970's.


Went was the skates centre half and highly rated. Lawrie wanted to beef up the defence in c Oct/Nov 1975 and a swap was proposed with Bobby Stokes (who was a squad player/sub at the time). Deal fell through , as Went rejected terms as I recall. Stokes remained with Saints to make history the next May.

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