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Daily Express linking Saints with Ashley Young


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Perhaps RK is looking to increase the penalty count? ;)


Maybe, but how many of those penalties were awarded just because of the shirt he wears and the venue? And even if we got more penalties, we have lost our master-blaster penalty taker, so not even worthwhile bringing him in to coach diving.

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I doubt he would be able to get anything near that level for his next contract even as a free agent, unless his agent is fantastic or is a mate of Harry.


Would be fascinated to know how many players actually take cuts (that is when age is not a factor). but agree, at £90k, I doubt anyone would sign him.

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No chance, just agent talk. Might be one of the wingers we considered before Mane, but we have plenty of options now.


Still think Young could be good with a new start anyway, but he'll probably focus mainly on money and waste his talent.




When he was at villa he looked a promising young player. Since he went to Man U the only thing that looks promising is his bank account. Shame really but he's not the first and certainly won't be the last.

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Is he?? Christ, that's scary, I still considered him to be "young with time to develop" ... wow, time has flown!!


I kind of thought that too but then he was in Watford's Premier League team and that was a good 8 years ago now.


I can't believe he is 2 years older than Lennon who seems to have been around since the dawn of time. I remember him playing for Leeds in the Prem.

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