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Weekend 3/4 Dec - Other Games


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to be fair they are performing much better than we did yesterday at 3-1 down they never gave up and with the players they have compared to Liverpool's they have shown them up as they can be rattled if you get at them, Matip is a big miss in defence for them too as Lovren and Lucas will always be shaky under pressure


I like the way Bompey play and it's a lesson for our players to emulate....

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Matip has been the player who has made the biggest difference to them this year, without him they cannot defend. But you've got to attack them with pace and purpose and put them under pressure, something we didn't come close to doing in the home game.

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That's good. Thanks for putting my mind at rest. While I have your attention could you tell me if we are signing a forward at all?
So you believe we'd sell our best player in the middle of the season?


You're insane!

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