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Posters: where are they now

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I believe that Dubai still posts on Sotonians. Frank’s Cousin is also there under a different name. FC is awesome. He can out waffle me!


does FC still like a drink?



whatever happened to Verbal and Bridge Too Far?


I know Verbals wife banned him from posting on here but he defied her wishes

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I've got a pic of badboysaint somewhere with his shirt off on a coach. He must be in jail by now.


I read an article a while ago saying he was sentenced to 10 years for attacking someone with a pair of scissors.

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Barry Sanchez - probably the weirdest, most argumentative poster I can remember. Blew in and then disappeared. Might have been a Glasgow alter ego.


No he wasn't. Resides in Liverpool and rather than bet against Saints, slags them off on Sotonians.

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How about this last ever post from one of the biggest idiots to grace this site.



SarniaSaint is offline Banned



Join Date

Nov 2006








Quote Originally Posted by svetigpung View Post

Well this thread is well lively ... keep it going guys


My input on the subject , after a week in California. Really nice people, very friendly, very service-minded. No trouble or guns spotted yet. Plenty of sirens every night. Been through some proper ****ty (redneck) towns, like Merced. What a dump.

Loads of homeless in every park in every town.

Trump seems to be the next president. Obama is not a popular dude. Plenty of mexicans.

Petrol cheap, chrisps expensive.


And spoke to Pedro of FCBarca in Victoria Secrets. He was shopping, i was just hanging around, as you do!

Hey good post..........just a few things.


Trump will never ever be Prez

If you think gas is cheap in California its $2,48 a gallon in Michigan and cheaper in other states.

Chrisps I assume are chips.............. again maybe in CA but can get 24 oz for 2.99 in Michigan.

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Some old names on this thread including me being sent off for abusing the ref as the manager.


Ooh its a corner


The 9

Dellmary etc etc

B Rabbit, BPsaint (although he still posts often)

God they were some great fun nights meeting all those superb lads....

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Weston used to write well. He had contacts behind the scenes at St Marys and was often insightful. Clearly someone with a legal background he knew the Lallana family.


I think he considered the abuse that Lallana received on here when he joined Liverpool to be way OTT. That may well be why he no longer posts.

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This got me looking at a couple of old friends. Came across Jillyanne. Didn't she pass away a couple of years ago? Also had an issue with Dark Sotonic Mills over some cats.
Yeah he ****ed her over by stealing an expensive bengal cat or something. I didn't know she had died either, this thread is pretty depressing!
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B rabbit was the one who always posted in orange wasn't he?


Jillyanne had some demons with the drink I believe. Eventually killed her, very sad.


badboysaint is indeed also serving a long stretch in prison.


I wonder if Stu’s eye has recovered yet?

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Holy ****, some blasts from the past on here!


I think we've all had some good run ins with Alpine over the years, although I'll be honest I did let him rile me a bit in my younger years! I genuinley hope he's OK in his health though.


I've been posting on here since 2007ish I think (well, SaintsForever before that), time flys when you're having fun..? It's been a crazy decade and a bit, and look at where the club has been during that time. Down in the dephs and then some of the best years of our history.


I didn't know about Saintlee though, that's really sad. I shared a few chats with him in the past!

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Jillyanne had some demons with the drink I believe. Eventually killed her, very sad.


badboysaint is indeed also serving a long stretch in prison.


I wonder if Stu’s eye has recovered yet?

Stu's gammy eyebwas all over saintsforever. Lol that's hilarious about BBS. I knew the path he was on when he was 15. Think I saw him at Derby for the playoffs, fat bastard and a mentalist.
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Unbelievable Jeff fcked off suddenly. Guessing breakdown of sorts as he was getting very odd thinking he was being stalked by me.


There's been a few people who were very active on the political threads who have just vanished recently. Verbal was another one.


I remember the days when political and religious threads weren't allowed due to being too polarising and inevitably would become abusive. It's a shame that they are now pretty much the only threads in the lounge, because there used to be a lot of interesting discussions in there. I reckon that could be one of the reasons why lots of old posters stopped bothering.

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Didn’t I read that Dubai Phil is now living in Poland with his Polish wife?


I suppose he should be called Polish Phil now.


Thanks for the nice words from a few of you. :smug:


Yes I, like many over 26's found myself having to escape from a re-inventing itself again Dubai. I stayed way too long.

I stopped posting because life got in the way and it was more about fighting to keep our head above water in the sandpit while people let us down or plain screwed us over time after time.


Then Brexit. We had a choice, married to an EU citizen we had to choose one or the other to get residency status BEFORE the 1st "expected" Brexit date.

Mrs Polski Phil doesn't take **** from anyone (inc John Boy Saint) and we knew that sooner or later (as has already happened to many of her Polish friends in the UK) something would be said, in a bar or a supermarket and she would react.


So. We moved to the AMAZING City of Krakow 12 months ago next week, again a huge battle to get out and get a base here. Friends and family have been (apart from one ex friend) amazing. It took a while trying to get a job knowing only 6 swear words in Polish, but I started driving a Mercedes Van last July driving tourists (and VIP's).


I have a great lad I work for/with. We are making a difference, growing like crazy, getting ridiculous reviews on Trip Advisor.

After 25 years of sand and dust I now get to see the stunning beauty that is the state of Malopolska of which Krakow is the Capital.

I stick the best stuff on Instagram same username.


Old Nick is partly correct. I take tourist to Auschwitz on average twice a week. I went iniside for the 1st and ONLY time 10 years ago. Today I believe helping to spread the story is the single most important job I have ever done. I am no historian, I am a snapper, I provide my clients with images of what village life is like in Poland and prepare them for what they will see at the Museum.

Equally I have great fun travelling to the Mountains, to Ski Resorts & Thermal Baths. To magical Fairy Tale Castles in deep dark forests to war memorials and village life home cooking restaurants.

My work pays peanuts. I love it. 3am start, -13C? Blizzards? Black Ice? ANYTHING is better than those last months in Dubai.

I've picked up a golf club once all year, watched about 4 tournaments on telly.


But in 2018 I wrote a Golf Story Blog (now defunct) that had almost 1000 regular readers as I told the story of my journey to the 2018 Ryder Cup in Paris. That story is out there on Sotonians somewhere.

Suffice to say, A Saints fan walked down the 14th fairway talking **** with an Arsenal fan on that fateful Sunday afternoon as me & Poulter tried to stop the emotion and the noise from getting to us. The downside? in 2018 was being photo-bombed at the end by John Rahm instead of dancing with Rory, but hey. Time moves on


Oh and yeah. The 2022 story will (Health permitting) be told out there somewhere on the internet.


I loved this forum and everyone on it.Hell I nearly had a beer with Glasgow Saint. I've even met Barry Sanchez in real life thanks to the Sotonians pre-match beers thing.

I didn't leave over a row, or a banning.

Life just got too damn real and I had to survive.


Which I have.


And if anyone is heading to Krakow for a weekend/stag do.

Wodka Bar.

It's on Google. Chocolate Chilli Vodka. Nothing else matters in life


Live long and prosper guys



I'd post a picture but then this ain't such an easy to use template so it won't work.


Thanks gang.

Ad what a ****ing brilliant last few weeks to be a #saintsfc fan!

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