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Cardiff 2-1 Saints - Post Match Reaction


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Saints players really didn't look happy about that goal being given - very curious whether it really crossed the line.


Of course if it did we'll have the forum full of fools criticising Kelvin for letting it in - despite the fact that it sounded like we'd have lost by a country mile if not for his saves.



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Saints players "furious" with officials on SSN..........I don't know why........ they hardly ever win the first game whatever league they are in.........so whats the surprise??


Whinging to officials ain't gonna make any difference........... how about scoring more goals than the opposition....... that might help!!........lol

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We have lost convincingly at Cardiff every year since relegation.


Hard place for young players to make debut.


Cardiff on high after cup final and extra crowds brought in.


DMG scored and will be confident


Sounds like the best we have done there in 4 years


Much better than easier first game last season


Disappointing but not the end of the world

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By the sounds of it they were all over us for much of the game. Sitting back and defending never works, especially when we don't have possesion. Only hope we can improve before the Brummies come to town.


Sounds like a good effort though. Losing in the last minute, whilst gutting, is a lot better than what could have happened. Nice to hear Killer lasting the whole game.

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Yep, 45 more games to go, eh lads ?


This goal was inevitable. We gave Cardiff 64% of the possession, FFS !


The team is simply not strong enough. They held on valliantly for 99% of the game, but this story is going to repeat itself throughout the season as the opposing team wear down and unlock the weaknesses in the team.

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Unfortunately the STATS tell the story



C 68% S 32%


Shots on target

C 7 S5


Shots off target

C7 S2



C8 S5


Probably a fair result


I think it is the Lack of Height which is going to be our downfall this season and I know it is only the First Game and away from Home but we are going to struggle

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By all accounts, the ball was not over the line.


I can't believe that some of you almost want us to fail.......despite aythiogn that you might post it certainly seems that way. Unbelievable!


Why not actually wait and see what folks who were at the game think of our performance?


To be robbed of a point at Cardiff is galling. Losing 2-1 is no disgrace......it will take time for the team to get used to playing CCC football and they need our support.

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Two good points from this game:


Killer got another 90mins without injury. Let's hope there is no reaction in the week.


The kids started their steep learning curve about the realities of competitive football.


This was a good result, almost a fantastic one against one of the uglier teams in the division, but it has underlined the struggle we will have this season.

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