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"You got your move, and now you're shít!"


The missus has just been raging at Lallana and Balotelli, although the latter wormed his way into her good graces by scoring. So now it's just Lallana she is unhappy with.


Here is a picture of a disgruntled fan at the ground.




Courtesy of @WeAreSaintsFC

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I'll be happy if they go through. They'll never win it. More games, more injuries, less league points.


Spot on, the big lols will be if they don't qualify next season.


Rodgers got away with murder last season because he blew the league when it was there for the taking. Without Hannibal they are poor. We should have done them,villa did, and they should of lost tonight. They've had 1 decent performance , spurs away.

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A lot of LFC fans on Twitter are letting Lallana off by claiming he doesn't look match fit. He does look pretty knackered to be fair. Balotelli had a chance earlier in the game, delivered to feet by Lallana, which he could have done better with (particularly if he'd spun as he did for his goal) - Lallana might have been looked on more fondly had he got the assist.

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My word, they really haven't taken to dear Dejan have they :lol::


All fur coat and no knickers at the moment. He really needs to start sticking to the basics and cut out the simple errors that are costing us.


Not writing him off or anything, hopefully he'll improve like, but he's a walking f*kcing mistake at the moment.


It's like watching Skrtel with hair.


Rash, lacking in concentration and error ridden - its like watching a front footed Skrtel! Maybe its nerves but he needs to get back to basics and improve fast


Lovren is becoming a concern. We were warned that he wasnt upto much but I thought he was better then this. His positioning is appalling.



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Anyone see Chambers standing in the box like a cemented in Garden gnome while the guy (DeMichelis) he was supposed to be marking stuck one in for Citeh?

Another time he was trying to get to an Arse player (forget who) on the left side of the box and he was running as if he had a piano on his back. He is embarrassingly slow.

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