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Osvaldo sacked by Boca.....

Paul Chuckle

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BP, not sure he will actually. You name me one who would take the chance?


I'm sure some will be stupid enough, just look at the list of teams he joined after we booted him out. Perhaps he'll sign for River Plate for a laugh

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Why couldn't we have just sacked him after his assault on Fonte?


It boils my p*ss to think how much we had to pay this pr*ck over the course of his contract.


We probably could but we'd have lost out on a £13m investment we made barely 6 months earlier. I think it's basically what we ended up doing last summer anyway.

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Black box genius ! Didn't even have that much talent so what was that all about ????


He clearly had plenty of talent so not sure where you get that from, sad that he is such a simpleton not sure how he will revive his career now!

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He was bought as a replacement for SRL who was going to go to West Ham.

He was probably on £40000/£50000 a week where as SRL would have been half that that.

Think it was down to Cortesse.

Football could do well without the likes of Osvaldo, another shark.

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Italy, Spain, UK, Argentina and Portugal are done. So that leaves Germany and France. Maybe Turkey or Greece. Yes - Turkey. There's the place for him.


They are saying Mexico now.

As a Boca and Southampton fan I can't say I didn't saw this coming.

This season he has been like Charlie Austin or Gaston when he was here, barelly playing, with pain on a toe, etc.


I had enough of this guy. Sunday league football is all he can expect to play with his level of commitment.

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At least it proves that not every player these days is a money-grabbing arsehole who wants to leave to play Champions League (even if they don't play CL at their new club).


In the sense that some of them are money-grabbing nutcases who earn more than they can spend and then just sod off from football entirely?

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