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Which Saints Player will take Walcott's place in the World cup squad


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Really gutted for him, such an important player for England. It'll be Townsend to take his place. He won't do anything for Spurs, if he does play he'll just get his head down, run, lose the ball most the time, have a few decent shots, just like he did when he was relegated at QPR.


But he's the latest fad with the media and Hodgson unfortunately. We can afford one head down ball hogger at very most, and after Walcott it should be Sturridge. For me it's Rooney or Sturridge up front. 2 up front or people out of position and we're in trouble. But that's what I expect, a mess of a 442, no possession, knackered bodies everywhere and a short world cup!


I'd go with this:



Walker Cahill Jagielka Baines

Wilshere Carrick

Lallana Gerrard Welbeck



But I fear it'll be this:



Johnson Cahill Jagielka Cole

Townsend Gerrard Wilshere Welbeck

Rooney Sturridge


I'd also like to see Huddlestone and Barkley on the bench and used a lot to keep the damn ball.


Itll be your first but with Gerrard instead of Carrick in one of the CM positions and either townsend or lallana in the spare position with Sturridge and welbeck flanking

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He was dangerous against a poor Poland defence when he ran at them over and over again. Even in that game he lost the ball a lot. Against better teams his persistent loss of possession made things very difficult. But that's the problem, too many England fans aren't ready for possession football. They'd rather have old fashioned head down and run players, but it will cost them at that level. The best teams around Europe wouldn't pick a player like that for long, they look after the ball too much.


It's going to take a long time for fans to change here it seems. I can't imagine England fans cheering on patient possession play, always seems to be urgency from the crowd to get it forward, see everyone running flat out all over the pitch for 90 minutes. It's daft enough in normal conditions, but in Brazil?! Christ.


We havent got the players for possession football yet, perhaps in the future but not yet, we will play the way that we have been playing. Plenty of industry but not enough movement off the ball or technical ability. Things will hopefully change moving forward, but not in time for this WC.


Agreed its not the way forward, but its our only direction right now.

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Lallana looks a certainty now, but we all know Roy likes to overload the squad with central midfielders. Losing Walcott isn't much of a blow, he's in the same mould as Townsend, and has really failed to deliver for the national side since that hat trick on Croatia, which was years ago. Rooney aside, any player is replaceable which says a lot about the quality we have right now

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Yeah, players that run around a lot and lose the ball are going to be REALLY useful playing in 35C heat and humidity up in the Amazon jungle.


So no doubt Woy will pick 4 or 5 of them.


JRod is cover for Wellbeck/Sturridge. I'd bet a pint of 6X he will get another chance in a friendly before the squad is announced as both the other two keep picking up injuries.


Lallana will go and I still reckon Lambert will as well providing he is 100% fit, he has a lot more about his game than Carroll that is for sure.

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Also think sadly this could be the end for Walcott. For someone so reliant on pace ahead of any other attribute, he will certainly lose this coming back from an ACL injury. Yes he may be stronger with all the rehab- like Shearer and Owen were, but that blistering pace may be a thing of the past.

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A very good idea when discussing Theo is to actually watch him play, rather than just believe what you read in the press.

he is outstanding at international and every other level. He will be a huge miss for England.


On central midfielders, I have to say that Jonjo Shelvey was absolutely outstanding at SMS. Does he play like that every week?!

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