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Saints vs The Forest Predictions


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Optimism or pessimism?


We've all been fooled before this season, but I'll stick my neck out and say we'll coast this. Finally the boys will know how it feels to play well for the whole 90 minutes. :rolleyes:


Saints 3 - Forest 1.


A game we have to win, and a game I think we will win.


A tough fought, gritty 1-0 victory.


Forest will comeo to defend and we will get an own goal off of someones ar55e.

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The game will go one of three ways i think. The sell out crowd full of xmas joy make the players have huge confidence and they go on to rip Forest apart 3+-0. The sell out crowd full of xmas alcohol makes the players nervous and we get stuffed 0-3+. Or both teams come out and put all 11 in each goal and we see the classic "you attack us 1st" syndrome in effect resulting in a boring 0-0....


However i think it will be the 1st. Forest are doing better lately (50% less losses then us in last .8.) but it will be our day to shine i think (i hope) Lord knows some people need a bit of xmas spirit on here! :)

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Saints 0.........plenty of pretty football..........Forest 1.........no pretty football but late winner followed by the sadly monotonous wailing and gnashing of teeth......... Oh.... and the Forest manager saying Saints play the best football in the league!! lol

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