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Forster and Bertrand in the England Squad


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Has anyone seen Forster's performances the last three games? Apart from the save against Allen yesterday, he's been awful. Should've have done better against Coutinho's shot yesterday, and perhaps Sturridge's.

He was slow to dive for Coutinho's long shot - I blame him for not saving that one. But Sturridge's was very well taken, I can't blame him for that one.

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Is it wrong im looking forward to seeing how Vvd and Clasie play against England more than I am how England do against Holland?


not unless Forster and Bertrand are in the same games. I don't feel bound to support England (in friendlies)- especially if we have a player on the opposition side.


If it's a tournament game and we need to win...England of course... but I don't shed tears for Man U or Tottenham if they lose Euro games whoever they play.


We all know that Roy will play half the Tottenham side - if the game is at Wembley......but imagine him choosing Rose ahead of Bertrand!:x

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Adam Blackmore ‏@bigadamsport

#saintsfc defender Ryan Bertrand the only absentee from England training today with an unspecified injury

Apparently Wellbeck was also absent (there's a surprise). Still Ryan has nearly 2 weeks to recover from what cannot be much of an injury.

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God international friendly are awful. Hope Forster's up for it cause he's going to see a lot of the ball, welbeck's only contribution so far seems to have been to hoof it back to the keeper.

Butland injury looks similar to Forster's - twisted standing leg, shame.

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Gomez beats Forster. All the gushing over England being brilliant and they're 2-0 down.


England have played well

this is a friendly, I would rather we lost playing better like this than win a disgusting 1-0


Alli has been very good. Henderson has been crap

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Also why the **** is welbeck on the pitch? Sturridge? Vardy?


He's better than Vardy, much more reliable than Sturridge and has proven to be pretty effective for England. That's why.


The Spurs lads are making the Liverpool ones look pretty average.


If Henderson was half the player he thinks he is England would actually have a decent team.

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