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Saints 3-2 Monkey Hangers - Reaction


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Good win under the circumstances. Really feared we'd mess this up, with one eye on Wembley but fair play, we've won. Not really ever going to be a game where we'd bust a gut; only ever going to do enough to win and "make sure I'm not like Thommo and miss out" IMO. Completely understandable too; how often do you get the chance for a kick about at the home of English football???

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A win is a win.


8th spot now well within grasp, 6th spot still looking a far reach, but is still mathematically possible.

1st is still mathematically possible. Both unlikely.


Still 6 points in the Prediction League and 3 points in the Football League, I'll take that.


Now for Carlisle :) Sorry I won't be able to indulge in the witty banter on Sunday on this forum.

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I'm glad we won. It is winning this sort of game while not playing great that will see us contend for automatic promotion next season (if we don't go up this season).


Plenty of teams will come to St Marys without any expectation on them which will allow them to raise their game. Getting used to winning will give us the mentality to win games when not playing well.

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