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Uh-oh.. Need to look for another GK and CB...


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I expect the Polish team will be fined, not eliminated. There was a similar case before like this involving Debrecen. UEFA ruled the team gained no advantage from putting on an ineligible player for the last three minutes when they were already 4-1 up, so just fined them £15,000.

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Previous situations have seen only a fine.


No they haven't, that's the problem. Fielding an INELIGIBLE player has previously brought a fine, fielding a suspended player has not. Here are the UEFA disciplinary guidelines, note the use of MAY and IS.


A match is declared forfeit if a player who has been suspended following a

disciplinary decision participates in the match.


A match is also declared forfeit in application of

Article 19(1) of these



A match may be declared forfeit if a player who is

ineligible under the regulations

of the competition concerned participates in the match, as long as the opposing

club files a protest.

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Even if Celtic get a reprieve that doesn't mean we can't sign their players.


Southampton signed Victor Wanyama on 11th July 2013, before their Champions League qualifiers. Celtic players will want to join us in order to play in the Premier League and get Premier League level wages, as will their agents.

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It's not guaranteed though, according to the article they have the right to appeal and he did actually miss three games. They didn't put him in the squad sheet so it doesn't count, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them win the appeal.

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On what grounds? They broke the rules that they should have been fully aware of.


on the grounds he played two minutes and didn't influence the game in any way, shape or form. I bet he never even touched the bloody ball. Sometimes common sense needs to prevail.

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