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Saints vs Leicester - Match Thread

Half time: guess the final score  

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  1. 1. Half time: guess the final score

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    • We’re gonna win 6-5

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Record premier league win very much on the cards tonight, and it will be for an away side. If it happens, the shame will never be washed clean.


I decided at the end of the Claud Puel season that I wasn't going to pay another penny into the club under its current management and business strategy. To do so was to let people get rich on the back of ruining our club.


We had a fantastic team and almost made champions league football. They turned it into this.


If it takes another 10 years of struggling, relegation and administration to hit rock bottom and rebuild... well then I'll welcome it.


Because nothing changes the way things are. Even if we sack the manager, get a bounce, stay up... we'll be in the exact same spiral we're in now. This board and club management are entirely unfit for duty.

Yep. I paid to go to Prague and Milan and I said at the time I was going to enjoy it as much as I could because it wasn't going to get better. It was obvious at the time.
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Ralph has probably realised that we arent going to score 6 so has gone for damage limitation.


YeH. Probably should have done that at 0-2. We are very, very flaky mentally and have been since Pelle Fonte Wanyama times. It’s going to be a very, very close call this year and anyone who accuses me of ****ing my bed sheets needs to be honest. We are flaky, lack a cutting edge, are poorly organised defensively and lack a true identity.



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