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Liverpool 4-0 Saints - Match Thread


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Just now, trousers said:

I'm starting a sweepstake on when Lord D pops in with his witty Ralph crying quip... I'll go just after we concede a 3rd goal on 43 minutes. 

Ohh. I'll go worth 63 mins. It'll include something about son in laws and spilling claret in front of the old bill.

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Just now, Chez said:

this formation isn't working defensively, they look like they will score with every attack, but at least it feels like we have bodies forward/a threat in attack. 

Yep, agreed. We look ok when we’re on the ball but very vulnerable when we lose it. Still, 1 down and sticking with it, at least we’re giving it a go.

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3 minutes ago, cloggy saint said:

It's almost as if they're much, much better than us.

Helps if you don’t try to go man for man for them in formation. Had been making good progress in being solid this season but today an exercise in very risky strategy from the manager, like the crazy stuff from second half of last season. Even BBC saying it will be a cricket score if if he doesn’t change it. What the heck are the coaching team doing? If the manager is messing it up, take control and get back into 4-5-1 and get to HT only 1-0.

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