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Liverpool 4-0 Saints - Match Thread


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4 minutes ago, Manuel said:

Ha, I never knew you couldn't score directly from a throw.  Odd rule to have really.  

Not sure how old you are but there's a classic example in a Birmingham derby when a player threw the ball back to Peter Enckleman in goal, he went to control it, but messed up and it took a slight touch off his foot and went in. If he'd have completely missed it the goal wouldn't have counted.



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6 minutes ago, Chez said:

if a keeper throws it from one end to the other and it goes straight in, does that count? I am guessing not.

No it doesn't count. Not wanting to tempt fate here but a keeper can throw it into his own net.

Seems a strange rule really as there's no chance on earth a keeper would be able to throw one in the opposing goal.

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On 25/11/2021 at 12:08, CAH61 said:

I think that a change of formation might work with 5 at the back and 3 CMs. I think that Tino needs a rest as he appears to have tired in games lately and he is still only 19. If Stuey is fit I would bring him on later or if we are chasing the game, the same with Redders and Broja.



If we score an early goal it will be 11 at the back with Liverpool peppering the goal.

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3-0 defeat or less would be a result.

They're absolute monsters at the moment.

We're not getting anything out of this game today.

Not even a whiff of a point.

Edit to say: I doff my cap to anyone who has traveled up there today.

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Liking the formation change, 5 at the back defending, 3 in possession. I know it hasn't worked before early on in Ralph's tenure but we have better personnel for it now. 


Also dropping our ineffective number 10s gets a tick from me. 3 eager strikers and Adams and Armstrong can play deeper to Broja. Good luck to Lyanco too.


Liverpool will still maul us but at least Ralph had tried IMO. 


3 nil Dippers.

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3 minutes ago, The Cat said:

This has 3-3 written all over it.

Problem is we seem to need about 8 chances per goal so going to need to be a lot sharper in front of goal to get 3. 

I'll go with our usual 1 goal to Liverpools 3. 

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Just now, macca155 said:

Good grief it's cold up here. 

Bit of a mental lineup against Liverpool but hey it might work.

We thought about going but now at home hearing about the weather and being nice and warm glad made that decision. It’s an age thing

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4 minutes ago, CAH61 said:

Lots of long balls from the back from us I reckon, could be good if we can get in behind them on the counter attack.

Agreed. We'll be more direct I think, balls into the channels for the 3 up top, also expect to see them coming deep to almost play as 10's and play on the turn. Really interesting line up. 

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3 minutes ago, JustinSFC said:

You're questioning him as if everything anyone says HAS to have a foundation of solid verifiable fact.

I was merely asking him why he held that opinion given the evidence to the contrary which shows we aren't remotely a long ball team.

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