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Liverpool 4-0 Saints - Match Thread


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21 minutes ago, OttawaSaint said:

If Saints are as much as on form as MLG and his pedentry we'll tear them a new arsehole!

*patiently awaits anatomy lesson from MLG*

Is there anything about that word - that word in particular - that you might want to reconsider?

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3 minutes ago, Saint Billy said:

Brave team selection from Ralph. Extra absorbent underwear needed me thinks. 


2 minutes ago, Wurzel said:

Possibly the biggest WTF! moment I've ever had seeing a line-up. 

If anything it is more defensive than using the 442/4222 formation, as it has one less attacking player!

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Did we play 5 at the back earlier in the season against City? 

Hope Lyanco has a stormer. Gonna need everyone to play well to be honest.

Armstrong did well when moved to the left side last week. he could play in the hole too, but cant see all three strikers pushed right up all the time. I remember WBA absolutely blitzing us at SMS one season when they played three forwards all pushed right up. We didn't know what to do. Liverpool might have more answers. We will see. 

We'll get a result...somehow.

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Just now, Matthew Le God said:

No, but we have in a few other games.


Surprised we have not copied what we did at City, where we did pretty well. 

The form Salah is in, the formation may not matter. Hope he has an off day.

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30 minutes ago, Matthew Le God said:

Why do you think that? It isn't how Saints play regardless of formation.


Clearly says 'accurate'  our long passing lately has been abysmal so u can't imply we don't try hitting long into channels,  we may do but there mostly unsuccessful 

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Just now, washsaint said:

Bednarek is hopeless - their goal was a direct result of his uselessness and ending up on his backside (yet again)

Should never even got to that point. Lyanco sprinted under the ball that gave them the break in the first place. But I agree. Bednarek is shit and had been for a long time. 

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