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Pompey Takeover Saga

Fitzhugh Fella

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On 09/09/2020 at 17:24, mack rill said:

rally's its all smoke n mirrors with Catlin. Disney has spent sweet f**k all on this club, and has told his lapdog we're getting noooo one, the patchwork quilt of a ground that we call home has been fixed up with money we had. infact i would say we are no better off than when the trust was pulling the strings, at least with the trust you could see money genarated was going on the beer tab, 

the trust jumped ship because the future maintenance bill looked scary, but do you think it could have actually been covered by the normal income and paid the wages of the players you have had over the last few years (and £2m transfer fees on Marquis)? I still don't really understand why fans sold up.

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On 23/09/2020 at 14:56, SW5 SAINT said:

Some of their more intelligent fans are getting a little concerned re the no fans at matches. Apparently they are haemorrhaging over £700k a month at the moment. A problem for the so called ‘big’ teams in League 1, who have several high earners but virtually no income with which to pay them........

local MPs, not at all pampering to fans/voters,  will no doubt be coming to their rescue shortly by insisting the government allows fans to attend their games to ensure such a vital part of the economy is unaffected.

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7 hours ago, Saint86 said:

Protesting the manager already - only a few games in 😄


Didn't they make the play offs last year?

But that's not just any old protest, that's a 'passionate' protest, although would expect nothing else from the most passionate fans in the world.

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8 minutes ago, Danbert said:

They really are a piece of work aren't they!


However, after initially attracting good-humoured comments to accompany donations, some posts became highly distasteful, referring to the likes of George Floyd, Madeline McCann and former Cardiff footballer Emiliano Sala.


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On 30/09/2020 at 13:50, trousers said:

I'm still disappointed they didn't get promoted last season. Would have taken the hilarity to stratospheric levels.


2 hours ago, Matthew Le God said:

If you think Saints defending at times is bad. This is Pompey vs the mighty Burton Albion today...


still if you score more than you concede it isn't all bad,,,,Jacket out. 

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12 hours ago, Matthew Le God said:

A shift of position and the 2020 EFL trophy final may take place behind closed doors.


Can't believe they haven't played this yet. Ridiculous that they have a final the season after. Half the squad that got the team's there are probably playing for other teams now. What happens to new signing? Are they cuptied if they played for a different team in the competition last year?

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