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Saints 1-1 Brighton - Match Thread


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3 minutes ago, BARCELONASAINT said:

it really is difficult to be optimistic because Saints let us down so often just chucking away winning positions like no other team out there, failing to win for 2 years when Stu Armstrong has been out of the team and our record at home against Brighton recently.

Heart says 3-1 win Saints

Head says 3-1 win Brighton

That Stuart Armstrong stat is a bit misleading, he came off the bench against Leeds and Watford when we were already winning

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24 minutes ago, Saint_clark said:

Lyanco is just too enthusiastic at the moment, committing 100% to every header and challenge leaving himself and others exposed at times. That can be worked on.



Lyanco will give away a penalty, I feel it my bones, and we draw

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5 minutes ago, Monk said:

Thanks, any idea on how to unmute? won't let me access the control panel. 


Top left hover and there is an unmute button which reveals the standard controls in lower portion of screen. However, its in Russian I think :)

Stream gone for me now. 

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