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Saints 1-1 Brighton - Match Thread


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But boss. Can I suggest we drop this crazy scheme of sending out those clones you created. They're shit and always lose it for us.

Nooo, my work is nearly done. Soon I will have perfected them with programmed automatics and will rule the football world!!!

Fucking nutjob...

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4 minutes ago, hypochondriac said:

Will this be a copy of Wednesday where we are decent in the first half and then let them change things and lose the lead second half? 

A copy of Wednesday and at least half of the other games this season. Let's hope this is the game it changes!

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Just now, Micky said:

Excellent, ready for one of Ralph's legendary half time talks...!

Right now go out there second half and play like a team that can't be bothered in fact take a breather you deserve it and I'll pick numbers out a hat for subs¬† ūü§£

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Man, if you could string together all of our first halves...  

We look such an exciting team. Tella's pace and Broja's class bring a lot. Lyanco is superstar in the making. JWP and Romeu total bosses.  

I'd bring on Moi and Diallo at some point to keep the energy up...  Big half coming up.

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2 minutes ago, qwertyell said:

So far so good.

Unfortunately, this is where Brighton make one minor tactical half time tweak and then absolutely dominate us for the remainder of the game.

Yep, this is where Ralph thinks he‚Äôs some kind of tactical fucking mastermind‚Ķ.gives a half-time talk that mystifies the team and makes subs that would make Wigley raise an eyebrow. ūüėā

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1-0 fair reflection on the state of play. 

We've looked  good, in particular our pressing, pretty sure we've had a turn over on every press we've initiated from the GK. 

Redmond and Broja guilty at times with slow decision making, which has allowed Brighton to reorganise and compact the lines we're trying to play through. 

When playing from our defensive third, KWP closing his hips on play and tring to play right footed across his body, high risk strategy at times against pressing teams and has seen us lose possession. 

Underwhelmed by Brighton but still feel like we're easy to open up against multiple runners. 

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2 minutes ago, stknowle said:

Abraham isn’t but yeah hopefully he’ll want to stay another year

Broja can take a leaf out of Lukaku’s book who spent loans at Everton/West Brom for example.

Give us a season or two, get 15-30 PL goals + minutes and he can go back to Chelsea a better player.

Hopefully we can just receive a nice sum/profit!

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