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Other Weekend Matches - 13th & 14th Feb


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Talking about Saints on Soccer Saturday, one of them says he gets frustrated by us because he thinks we could "push for...maybe not top 6 but better than they have been".

We finished 7th last season, if we can't make top 6 how can we do any better?


He also said we finish seasons well. Haven't done that in the last three, that's for sure.

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Chelsea just hitting form in time to come to St Mary's next? Hazard and Fiberglas back on form? Or are Newcastle just that bad?


Newcastle are bad, but Hiddink has improved Chelsea without doubt. However, they have an FA Cup match before then and also have their Champions League game too, so one would expect that those competitions are more important.

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I'm still confused by Newcastle's business to be honest. Lots of money spent on attacking midfielders and strikers, yet probably the weakest part of their team for the last 2 years has been the back 4 - yet it's still the same. It's horrendous and that is the reason they will be battling until the end, no matter how many good attacking players they have. I think they've spent around £100m this season, and they've only added Muevmba at the back - and even he's a bit off the pace.

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Watched Man U on MotD to see how Morgan was doing. He featured very little in the, admittedly brief, highlights and eventually was substituted. Looked a bit part player without much commitment, compared to the influential role he had when he was here.


sad really. He is miles better than he is showing.

such a brilliant player for us


The group of player who came up with us and have now left.

are there any doing well?


Clyne is doing alright, in the sense he always plays when fit.

that is about it

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Liverpool fans really rate Clyne, so he's swapped a mid table side for a mid table side on more than double the wages. Doubt he regrets a thing tbh.


Watching the Leicester game and it's decent. Leicester have a nice front press. Decent side. Hope they win this game.

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