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OFFER & COMPETITION! Play at St Mary's with 4 Saints legends! 3 LAST-MINUTE PLACES


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We've teamed up with playwithalegend.com to bring a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to SaintsWeb members to grace the hallowed turf at St Mary's alongside four Saints legends. Brett Ormerod, Jason Dodd, Francis Benali and Matt Le Tissier will be the player-managers on the night of Thursday 2nd June of the four teams that will participate in a round-robin tournament. Each of the 4 teams plays 3 30-minute matches (full pitch, 11-a-side). Personalised kit is provided, as are refreshments. All you'll need is boots and shinpads, and what little talent you possess :lol:


Places are available at a specially-discounted rate through our page on the playwithalegend website, (password for the page is "saintsweb").






In addition to this deal, we are offering ONE SaintsWeb member the chance to win a place at the event. All you have to do is guess the official attendance at Saints' away match at Aston Villa on Saturday 23rd April and post it in a reply to this thread only. The closest guess wins. It really is that easy.


Small print: only one entry per person; if there are any duplicate entries (i.e. two people guess the same attendance), the earliest guess stands; any entries which are subsequently edited will be declared void; if two entries are closest to and equidistant from the correct attendance, the "Bruce's Price is Right" principle will apply, so the lower of the two guesses will win; prize is a 45-minute slot, winner's chosen position subject to availability; deadline for competition entries is 15:00 BST on Saturday 23rd April 2016.


playwithalegend have also confirmed that if you buy a place but then subsequently win the prize, your money will be refunded in full. :o

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