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Saints 1 Norwich 0 - For Once We Score A Late Winner!

St Chalet

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Sounds like Sims and McQueen were our best players.


Lots of pressure from us in the last 10 minutes finally paid dividends.


Dull stalemate for the rest of the match though.


Oh well. A win's a win. Round 4 here we come


The cup double is still on...!! :)

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Never have I been so bored listening to a Saints game. It comes to something when the highlight of the game is the fact that all four players in our double substitution's names started with the same letter.


We got there in the end though, I really didn't want to be put through another half an hour of that.

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Got the result we needed whilst saving players for next 2 games even if it wasn't a particularly good display. Liverpool barely squeezed past Plymouth over 2 legs.

Sounded like Redmond had an impact off the bench and mcqueen sounded one of the better performers. Good to see long get a goal, hopefully it'll help his confidence.

Good experience for the other youngsters too.

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Counts for nothing if we lose next Wednesday, which we will if we perform like we have done for the majority of this season.


That wasn't the point. The point that he made was the lack of performance, when we put in a superb performance just 7 days ago!


Now we need another one on Saturday. Leicester is a massive game.

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There were obviously some very good individual performances. McQueen in particular, and Sims. Redmond seemed lively when he came on too.


We were the only team looking to win, and we finally managed to break down a team who comes to park the bus.


Leicester is a MUST WIN


And if we draw or lose?

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Only one team looking to win this, Norwich played about 6 at the back for most of the match !

McQ MoM, Sims and Stephens did well. JWP, Clasie and Yosh competent !

Almost everyone stayed till the end, don't understand some of the previous comments!

Bring on the Gooners !

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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz x fifty billion. Puel, the man who is slowly boring the life out of Southampton Football Club and is leading us to lose our reputation for playing good football.


If you truly believe that it is all down to Claude Puel, then you are an extremely naive and deluded soul.

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