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Palace v Saints - Match and Reaction

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3 minutes ago, Archers Road Stand said:

We are wide open. 

Two slow centre backs and a number six with the mobility of an asthmatic pensioner is not a combination that lends itself to a high line, you would think.

Not a tactical masterclass so far. Palace have seen us coming.

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Just now, OttawaSaint said:

Even without the usual suspects there are plenty of doom and gloom merchants left.

I am anticipating a poor performance flushing out one or two long lost doom and gloom merchants... :)

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4 minutes ago, danjosaint said:

So u didn't see him last season?  Brightened up our attacking play but defensively we could have done better

If he was great at both defending and attacking he wouldn’t be a Saints player. Spurs would have kept him or he’d be out of our price range. We aren’t big spenders so that means unless we take a huge risk like with Ings, all of our players will have areas of their game that aren’t that great. 

Not sure what people expect us to do, bring in a couple of $50M players?

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