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Pochettino Joining Spurs (Official)

Saint Matty 76

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Gutted. Wish him well.


Time for our board to grow a pair or get the **** out.


How long before we get a "We had a dream for the club blah blah, we now look for the bestest manager blah blah" statement.


Totally useless. Freddy Kruger can do one

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Hopefully we'll get someone good in and fast! And hopefully they knew this was coming for a couple of weeks and have been searching hard alreay...


Well we can hope right...? I'll reserve judgement until they announce a replacement

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Wait for the next bull**** statements on the next departures. Waffle waffle waffle


Exactly. None of it actually means anything.


Krueger told me at the Awards Dinner that he though the Spurs talk was "just media speculation" despite everyone else knowing it wasn't.


Spurs just announced our Manager joining them at exactly the same time we announced he resigned, it all smacks of being bullied to me.


Read the statement again, the words are hollow.

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We just had a great season under him, I just hope that we can maintain that with a new manager that at least has some loyalty, passion, and some communication skills when it comes to addressing the fans. If we can get all that in a new manager, then MP can go f*** himself.

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"my priority now is to bring some stability and calm to the workings of the club


I am absolutely committed to ensuring that the club continues this success. I have met our manager Mauricio Pochettino and have given him my complete support to build on the good work that has already been achieved


Finally, let me say this. I will ensure that all decisions made about the future of the club will be in the best interests of its staff, players, management and fans"


Anyone still believe this ****?

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