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Saints vs Spurs - Match Thread

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Very lucky indeed.

It was offside by the law of course so MLG will suggest that there is no luck involved. 
But whether we like the law is indeed a completely different debate.

It is crazy what confidence does to a team. Get to 0-0 half time please, and use the disallowed goal as a reprieve. 

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3 minutes ago, beatlesaint said:

It’s a fkin insane tactic with any defence let alone one as average as ours

...same again there with Son. We are sitting ducks to concede goals with this tactic and the lack of pace + awareness of Stephens and Bednerak. I can understand it with more experience or pace or a DCM with more mobility than Romeu but until we have those players then it appears suicidal 

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3 minutes ago, Gingeletiss said:

Keepers fault...should of come for that.

You could hear the shout from Ralph "Come on Alex". He started coming then backed off and didn't get in the right position o left too much room towards the far post.

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1 minute ago, DT said:

McCarthy is utter tripe. Absolutely awful. Come off your line and boot it into touch come

He dithered and got stuck in two minds. If we are going to persist with such a high line any keeper we use will need to be playing as a 'sweeper keeper'.

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2 minutes ago, Lighthouse said:

Well, there’s the predictable saints injury time equaliser in a half we dominated, so we can lose it in the 85th minute.


Honestly, if Saints made a porno it’d just be 3 minutes of socks on missionary.

What a pleasant analogy 😂😂😂

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Both a bit unlucky to be level, and a bit fortunate (that high line is a disaster waiting to happen, VAR won't keep saving us).

Playing miles better than last week. Djenepo's been more lively than Redmond has been in months.

Got a problem in CM now both Romeu and Prowse are on bookings. They couldn't foul again and that led to Spurs'equaliser. That and McCarthy being awful. One of them isn't going to last the 90.

Good thing we've got no other midfielders in the squad...

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