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Poll: Where will Saints finish 2012/13


Where will we finish 2012/13  

207 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will we finish 2012/13

    • 1 Champions!
    • 2-4 Champions Leagues!
    • 5-7 Amazing newcomers!
    • 8-10 Over-achieving Saints!
    • 11-13 Boring!
    • 14-16 Just like the good old days!
    • 17 - Dalek!
    • 18-19 Always preferred the Championships anyway!
    • 20 Top South Coast Club

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Why ain't JustMike done a poll for this yet? Clearly no better than the existing dumb mods! Too busy handing out fractions and deleting off topic posts probably!


I know it's dumb but I want to see people's predictions! I want one of them polls where you can see who voted for what so I can beat on them later! Get it done JustMike!


Here is the options as I see it:


1 Champions!

2-4 Champions Leagues!

5-7 Amazing newcomers!

8-10 Over-achieving Saints!

11-13 Boring!

14-16 Just like the good old days!

17 - Dalek!

18-19 Always preferred the Championships anyway!

20 Top South Coast Club!

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After a tough start, which might initially affect confidence, I expect us to climb the table. Our attacking style will frighten many opposition teams, but it exposes and makes difficulties for the back 5 (as it did against Reading end of season.) So without a tough young-Jaidi-like CB to soak up the pressure I think we may struggle at the back against some of the world class strikers in the Premiership.

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See, in my reasoning, I'm taking into account a player, many have overlooked, I think Lee will be a revelation for Saints, as does the manager and coaching staff.


Totally agree with you regarding Lee. I don't think we'll have a problem scoring enough goals, our problem will be keeping them out if we stay as we are - which we won't of course, as I have a hunch we're a few days away from a mega CB signing.

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One assumes that was tongue in cheek, so I've edited my post!


I've been saying all along that Tadanari Lee is going to be top quality. I think he'll nail down one of the wide positions in the front 3, it's suited to him. Was really impressed in the few games he played last season, good touch, runs the channels well, and can clearly strike the ball well.

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Top south coast club


That's what Terry Venables reckons in the Sun! He's got us 20th! He's also got Reading 12th - if we finish 8 places below Reading I'll eat my own cock!


To be fair, I'd do that anyways if I had a longer neck!

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Relegated as it stands, but once we finish our business and bring in our wingers and CB's then we can have a solid mid-table season. But it would take a miracle for us to survive if we stayed as we are.


Totally agree. Funnily enough someone, I think it was Merson, said on Soccer Saturday that we are too one paced to survive. For once I think he has a point.

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That's just offensive. Fraction please mods!!


W-wait I never even said beat off you homo! You can't go editing my quotes to make jokes like that!


That's just offensive like when I boned my sister last night. Fraction please mods!!


Eww that's sick weirdo!


My dad gives the best blow jobs ever!



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20th at the moment unfortunately we are firm favourites to go back down with all the pundits however I can us scraping survival if we can gel again like we did last season it's gonna take time as we have a few new faces and theyvare an unknown quantity its basically two different leagues in the prem the super spender and us battling it out against the norwich's and reading's Tbh everyone would surely take 17th right now? And Adkins is aiming higher than that.

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