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Sunderland 1 Saints 0 Match Reaction


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A complete and utter mess. I've never felt like saying this about my side over the last 4 years, as we've been brilliant, but this is the first time I've questioned their commitment as it was as bad as we have played since the Wotte days. I don't get it.


The selection set the tone. The club don't care about the cups, it's been clear. Jesus as the press-guy, young players start and on the bench. It's been the pattern from the league cups and the FA Cup.


We have a terrific first 11, which can go toe to toe with the best teams in this league. This was our best opportunity to get to a final and have a chance to win it - first time for over a decade. We've blown it, TWICE. against the same utter dross. It's not like we've been knocked out against Chelsea or Man City, it's Sunderland. They're so bad.


We may never have such a talented squad at our disposal again, who knows what the summer will hold.

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I really don't know what you all expected, we have a team and a couple of adequate replacements, all the rest is U21 level or substandard junk. Don't blame the players for that, blame whoever is in charge of recruitment policy, be it the manager, the "head of recruitment" or the person now masquerading as chairperson. We should never have let Osvaldo go without an adequate replacement because Lambert is finished.

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Oh Dear, here we go again....You are not fuming you are beside yourself with joy as you prove over and over

you relish everything that goes against Saints..


Still glad you are happy but you will not be alone


Stop spamming every thread with your irrelevant drivel you d*ckhead, its not even football related

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Pochettino, that was pathetic. What do we expect when the manager comes out and says he is not interested in the Europa League, which is basically the same as saying he's not interested in winning the FA Cup. That showed big time today with a weak team selection even though we don't have a game until next Saturday.


And we won't we even hear from him. Pretty pathetic


Oh, and the players were all terrible too. I guess they couldn't be inspired by Poch for this one. He didn't look too frustrated towards the end of the game either

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