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Official Statement on Sam Gallagher


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Southampton Football Club would like to send its heartfelt condolences to forward Sam Gallagher following the sad death of his father, Richard, at the weekend.

Richard passed away last Saturday following a short illness. As a result, Sam has been excused from training this week and will not be available for this weekend’s game against Stoke City.


We are sure that all of our supporters will join us in extending our condolences to Sam, his mother, Sally, and the rest of the Gallagher family at this sad and difficult time.





Terribly sad news. Thoughts with the Gallagher family, he would have made his father very proud.

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It gives more meaning to this photo. On the day it looked like a manager congratulating a youngster he gave full debut, now we know there was a lot more going on...







Make his performances in the 1st team even more impressive given the circumstances.

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Poor kid, really feel for him.


May explain why he looked so devastated when he missed that chance vs Arsenal. His dad watching him score on his debut would've meant the world to him.




Very Sad, RIP,


He did score v Yeovil in the Cup so hopefully he got to see that.

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Sad news, thoughts with Sam, must be so tough and being so young too. The silver lining is that his dad got to see him make a debut and put in a great performance, he must be pretty proud.


I'll add my condolences to these sentiments.


Big shout out for the lad next time he walks out onto the pitch.

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My absolute condolences to Sam and his family, and I echo what was said above; I'm sure his father was proud to see Sam make his Premier League debut, score his first goal for Southampton, and it's a tragedy he will not get to see his son grow up to be a class player.



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Condolences to Sam and his family. Was poor Sam the player who had the personal problem that MP referred to earlier when talking about the squad. Must have been an awful time when he learned of his fathers' illness that seems to have been fairly quick.

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