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Saints 2-2 Leicester - Match Thread


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Just now, badgerx16 said:

If Macca conceding was poor keeping from a porr keeper,was Schmeicel's conceding in similar fashion also poor keeping ?

Yes, but he's been consistently a quality keeper including winning a premier league. McCarthys peak performance is "that was decent". 

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Just now, igsey said:

Because Forster is leaving in the summer and McCarthy has signed a new contract and staying.

Not saying I agree with it, but that's the reason.

Oh, and they are both equally shit.

No, they are not. Forster is much better than McCarthy and we've clearly seen that whenForster has played this season. McCarthy is a lower league standard goalkeeper who should never be in the Premier League. He found his level at Yeovil. 

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We up our game, score and take our foot off the pedal. Let’s hope we do not switch off completely in the second half. Win here and get another win at the weekend will relieve a lot of pressure. Big 50 minutes of football. 

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