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Fastest players in the PL so far this season...


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I can't find an English equivalent of this story, but the list is pretty clear to see. It's the joint fourth fastest that may raise a few eyebrows...




Five of the top ten have played for saints.


Yes, I know it's early in the season for stats.

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Hard to believe that Maya Yoshida is one of the ten fastest


Incredibly hard to believe - but then the opportunity to get up to "top speed" in a football match is pretty rare so the data is dependent on who's actually had the opportunity to get flat out - Long's position and style mean he spends a lot of time chasing things down, and we've all seen Yoshida trying to get back chasing through balls or long balls over his head.


Could be the data from this season only?

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......no-one old enough to have seen John Sydenham in full flight ?

[sigh] I am


Was wondering if anyone would mention him. He'd be a match for any of the names posted so far and he usually played in 6 inches of mud.


After him came Tom Jenkins who I remember as being even quicker but not as good at crossing .... might be wrong, it was soooo long ago :(

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Who do you reckon was the slowest?


Saints back 4 of the late 60's. (slow) Joe Kirkup, Big John Mgrath, Docker Walker and Dennis Hollywood. Possibly the slowest defenders ever ,also with the turning circle of a super tanker. Having said that , a great defence because a majority of forwards were to scared to go anywhere near them.

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The fastest Saints player ever?

I would go either Rodney Wallace or Neil Ruddock?


Neil Ruddock ? WTF



Between the halfway line and opposition penalty area I'd back Ruddock to beat Usain Bolt nine times out of ten if it was a race to headbutt Craig Short.

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Chasing his own back passes.

Christ it's like listening to a commercial radio station reading this thread.............. Same record played 3 times in every hour.



Do you think the garden room chaps advertising at the top of the page will deliver here..... Need a man cave!

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