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Bournemouth 1-3 Saints - Reaction


MotM vs Bournemouth (Away 2016/17)  

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  1. 1. MotM vs Bournemouth (Away 2016/17)

    • Forster
    • Bertrand
    • Soares
    • van Dijk
    • Yoshida
    • Clasie
    • Reed
    • Højbjerg
    • Redmond
    • Boufal
    • Rodriguez
    • Davis
    • Tadic
    • Long

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I'm absolutely beaming after that one, more of that please please please.


Hopefully now we have a striker that's in form and I couldn't be more pleased for Jay, one of my favorite Saints. He's looking fit and just needed that first goal to get his confidence back.

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Huge kudos to Puel today.


Davis, an inspired sub.


Sticking with Jay Rod… really brave. And wow did that pay off.


But the real reason we won? Bournemouth ran out of energy. And we didn’t. Our players fresher. Yes the blitz of the first 10 minutes hurt us (typical of what we were doing under Poch). But we played the long game, and it totally worked today. I really do believe one of his greatest skills is managing player energy. We should back him.


With Jay Rod’s confidence back, Boufal looking incredible, and renewed belief in the manager, we could be in for a wonderful few months.

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JRod appears to have come alive - excellent 2nd goal. Whole team performed well except Redmond who I thought was extremely mediocre throughout - and don't tell me that he assisted JRod's 2nd because he had no idea what part he played and it was just lucky it fell to JRod who had everything to do to score. Nice to see us back into 7th for a little while at least and a good position for the Xmas period. Still hoping we sign a CB and a striker in the Jan window.

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Lot of humble pie to be eaten by many, many posters on here.


Will they admit that today (and hasn't been the case all season) Puel got it spot on? We looked way fresher than Bompey after the first 15 minutes, Yoshi was outstanding and has the pace that Fonte no longer has and JRod take a bow. That second goal was sheer class and all game (just like last time he started) he was making runs in behind, hassling from the front, etc. - something we have been sorely missing even with a fit Austin.


We were outstanding second half but, again, Redmond was awful bar one or two touches.


Despite not being at our best this season we are still semis of LC and 7th in the League (for now). IF JRod can stay fit then maybe, just maybe, we will have a good second half. Boufal will be an amazing player for us.


Well done Saints and now a good break before the next game.

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- Jay Rod is finished as a top flight player

- Puel's substitutions don't work

- People shpud show a bit more patience


Only one of the above seems to be true.


Great performance, even from Hojdberg who was terrible for the first 20 minutes. Very pleased for Jay, lets hope he can show us what a difference confidence makes to a striker.

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Puel got it right today. We dominated the second half because we were fitter and fresher.


Boufal excellent but needs to work on his temperament. If he hadn't got a yellow he'd probably have stayed on.


Great J-Rod brace. Slightly less worried about the striker situation now.

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Beyond chuffed for J-Rod after that game. You just felt that if a goal could go in off his ass that he'd have the confidence to do something like that.


This performance has set a benchmark, we know we can play that well as a team and we need to find that level of consistency more often.

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Great win. Jay Rod quality even aside from the goals, definitely the best fit for the team in that position and hopefully gets a run now.


When we get the central midfield balance right we look a good side. Davis should always play, anyone who doesn't rate him is an oddball.


Clasie probably had his best game for us and Yoshida was solid (although did make a couple of poor decisions that luckily went unpunished).


Hojbjerg improved second half and Bertrand had his best game for a while.

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As soon as Bournemouth went 1-0 up and we equalised quickly, I had the feeling the game would pan out just like the League One encounter in 2011, where we came back to win 3-1.

A great away performance, what a difference it makes when the striker gets runners and support... we score goals.

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Great rotation by Puel.

Great tactical change by Puel. Reed had played better than Hojberg(coukd equally have taken off clasie) but we needed more running from midfield and having Davis and hojberg on helped with that. Hojberg running with ball and harrying when without was much better than the first 30 minutes where he kept getting caught in possession and playing silly short passes.

Jrod good first half, excellent 2nd half. Wonderfful finish for the 2nd and being in the right place to make sure on the first.

Davis was my MOM, he was amazing 2nd half, Great passing, incisive running, vital tackling and tactical fouling.

Defence looked good and solid with exception of a couple of their set pieces.

Really good to win this derby(even if it isn't our main derby) especially after we didn't turn up against them last season at theirs.

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i said id give credit to puel if he turnt us around from the negative tactics today & he did so fair play! much much better than it has been & amazing to see jay regain his confidence! a fit & firing jay is as good as any British striker

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Deserved win, 3rd goal was very welcome because you could feel there was a little bit of worry around and at one point we were getting a bit deep.


Hojberg very lucky not be pulled off at half time but looked a different player second half, he should do that more carrying the ball forward, running at people etc. We still need more midfield runners into the box, Davis showed what can happen but doesn't happen enough, second half Bertrand puts a good cross into the back post where Hojberg should have been running in for a close range header, he had a good shot but they need to be making those runs more.


Back 4 were excellent the quality difference between our fullbacks and theirs was stark IMO, thought Clasie was good and stepped into the holding role well. Harsh on Reed to come off but that first half midfield was too defensive. Boufal was good in sports, but if he keeps creating openings he's worth his place in the team. No diving though please, I think that silly yellow cost him his 90 mins because I thought Redmond was the least effective attacker we had, massively fluffed his chance didn't seem to beat anyone or put a cross in. Reckon Puel was worried Boufal would get sent off as he was still diving into to challenges. Also I hope Boufal's reaction to his subbing was more about annoyance with himself but looked like he calmed down at the end and was all smiles.


Finally delighted for Jay Rod, the first goal it was good to see him still busting a gut to get in there as he'd missed two like that in the last two games and in the first half there was a pull back that he didn't really react to so was worried his confidence was really low. And then what a strike for the 3rd goal, but his all round play was excellent, running the channels, holding it up, winning headers and showed good pace on occasions. Let's hope he stays fit because he's finally starting to look fit and strong and with those goals the confidence will start showing.


On a side note, I thought Wilshere looked a class above for them, very clever player and most of the good stuff they did came through him.

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