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Man City 0-0 Saints - Match Thread

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I clearly don’t understand the rules. I thought if a tackle that takes out the opposition player is made, the first touch has to be the ball or it is a foul and free kick to opposition… let alone it being a clear and obvious goal scoring opportunity.

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Just now, Dorchester Saint said:

Moss is a fucking coward!!!

This. The City players put enough pressure on him to convince him to change his mind. The VAR ref shouldn't have given him the opportunity because it was blatantly a penalty. 

It's fucking corrupt is what it is.

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1 minute ago, OttawaSaint said:

Hmm just seen another replay. Ref awarded pen I don’t see how he can overturn it. Fucking cheated by the ref/VAR.

Especially as it took so long for VAR to overturn it, so not a clear and obvious error.

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