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Man City 0-0 Saints - Match Thread


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  • Lighthouse changed the title to Man City 0-0 Saints - Match Thread
Just now, Turkish said:

Fantastic result that. City been smashing teams at home. Maybe it could have been better but still a very pleasing result. Dare I say it but have we developed a bit of backbone and grit?

Great result - I’d ask duckgrunter about the backbone and grit though - seems to know his stuff

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2 hours ago, The Cat said:

Definitely dragging some of these posts back up later if we nick a point. 


Let me save you the effort!

2 hours ago, charliemiller said:

Sorry Ralph you clearly want the sack , who changes the back four after a clean sheet.

And I nearly cried to Redmond and moi in, what must tella and borje be thinking.





2 hours ago, qwertyell said:

Oh, we've dropped out best player so far this season. Of course we have.

This fucking manager, man.

Good luck to Bednarek, I guess. He's on a hiding to nothing today.


2 hours ago, OttawaSaint said:

Might as well get the 9-0 out of the way nice and early this season then...


2 hours ago, DT said:

Ralph has no clue


2 hours ago, OttawaSaint said:

Just seen the City lineup. We’re going to get killed.


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