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Saints vs Sheff Utd - Match Thread

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6 minutes ago, The Saint said:

Interestingly, our team sheet is not a millions miles from the opening game against Burnley...

Interesting. Only changes are:

KWP for Valery

McCarthy for Gunn

Armstrong for Bednarek.

Different formation though.

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1 minute ago, trousers said:

Get Vestergaard off FFS

I hate Vestergaard. He has no team spirit whatsoever.  If any other defender had lost that ball, he wouldn't have just stood there; he'd have raced back to at least try to block on the line. When he makes a mistake: he just stands there and shrugs his shoulders as if to say it's your problem now, not mine.

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The only reason why I am not as worried as I would have been in the early part of the season is that we do usually pick up in the second half of games


Redmond very mazy run there!

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